Essentials of the Earth 8th ed 2018

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Essentials of the Earth is a concise, user-friendly guide to essential oils. Its portable size and coil binding make it easy to take just about anywhere. The encyclopedia includes information on essential oils and their prevalence in history, oils as an alternative to modern medicine, and methods for identifying essential oils that work best for you. It further explains various oil applications, science and synergy, and important safety considerations. Finally, Essentials of the Earth features an “A to Z Guide” that catalogs common health concerns, single oils, oil blends, oil-based products and supplements, and terminology. Helpful usage charts round out this ready reference.

Our handy, easy-to-use reference guide for essential oils users. This 2018 Edition has added new oils and blends introduced this Convention. These new products are also added to any of the 375+ health concern entries where expert opinion suggests they may be helpful. 5″ x 7″, spiral bound, 304 pages of great information.

Publication: 2018, 8th Edition.

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