Why doTERRA?

“My passion is to let you know there ARE alternatives for you and your family when it comes to the everyday products we all use”

Like many of us, I always enjoyed ‘burning’ essential oils in a tea light candle burner many years ago.  We loved the aroma they spread around our homes and the way they made us feel.   Fast forward to 2015, when I went looking for a gift for my Mum, I began looking into the current era of essential oils.   A few months after that, a mutual friend who used doTERRA essential oils, was holding a workshop.  So I thought why not, lets check these oils out!  The workshop was very informative and I was blown away by the multitude of uses for essential oils.  So me being me, didn’t want to rush into anything.  Off home I went and for the next little while I did some research into doTERRA (I’m a bit of a researchy type person, need to know stuff to make an informed decision!).

My Reasons:

  • I love the philosophy of the founders, who believe in sourcing the best quality plants, from experienced farmers who are located in the most suited parts of the world.  All of this results in strong, quality supply chains that benefit all parties. Many of the locations are in third world countries where they lack access to water, sanitation and shelter. doTERRA, as part of their partnership with these farmers, establish the infrastructure their communities need.  They give back, it truly is a relationship.

  • doTERRA independently test each batch of their essential oils, these results are available to everyone on their Source to You website here.

  • The doTERRA product range includes more than just oils!  Products are available for hair, face, cleaning, supplements, exercise and so much more. Here is the current product catalogue.

  • The doTERRA founders have a vision and although they are now the biggest essential oil company in the world, they are not stopping.  They have a plan that integrates essential oils with modern medicine.  It has started in the US with the building of an integrated medical centre, the goal is for this to happen all over the world.

  •  They look after their account holders, offering education, generous compensation and regular promotions to support you building your essential oil collection.

  • Lastly, but not least, for me to be able to use a product on my children and family, I needed to trust them.  I found they are open, family focussed people who operate with integrity.

So for me, doTERRA essential oils it was!  I love that there are alternatives out there for my family and I.  We have substituted so many commercial products for the much better natural, low tox solutions essential oils offer.  My only regret is that I wished they came into my life sooner, when I think of all the products I have used on myself and the kids, I wish I just knew about doTERRA sooner! But I am grateful to have had them in our lives since 2015 and for our future.  I can honestly say you won’t regret heading into the world of essential oils.  And as a bonus you become part of a community full of like minded souls who share the same desire for a natural lifestyle.